Design, infographics and visual journalism solutions for local and regional government clients.

    City of Walnut Creek, CA

    Walnut Creek Works: The 2016-2018 Budget Story

    A Community Connected: The 2012-2014 Budget Story

    Infographics explainer on Diagonal Crosswalks

    Standalone infographic

    4-Page Publication:

    Challenges and Choices

    LOOKING FORWARD, FORWARD THINKING The 2014-2016 Budget Story. Wraparound front and back cover

    4-pages designed for the City Newsletter focusing on the topics of Parking, Traffic (2 pages) and Pensions

  • Utility 2.0 Project for Riverside Public Utilities

    For the UTILITY 2.0 Project, the complete graphic was for use as a poster. The modular design enabled each topic section to be used as a standalone infographic for use in mailers or online.

  • City of Pleasanton

    Graphics and design work for the City of Pleasanton:

    New Recycling and Pick Up Services for Pleasanton Garbage Services

    About the infographics project:

    These graphics were used in a PGS newsletter, the Pleasanton Progress newsletter, online and for recycling kiosks to communicate with customers about new pick up and recycling services being offered by PGS.

    This centerpiece graphic (above) was used on the front of the newsletter.

    The back of the newsletter was a full page graphic with details on the new services.

    Pleasanton Progress newsletter design project

    Two-page center spread with maps

  • City of Alameda, CA

    Design and infographics work created for the City of Alameda

    City of Alameda Mid-Cycle Budget Update and Budget in Brief

    Build, Deliver, Serve

    The City of Alameda's 2017-2019 Capital Budget

  • City of Pleasant Hill, CA

    A designed display with information on a new library project.